Posted by: cindydyer | November 14, 2013

Learn about cattle feed lots in the Midwest

Mishak Henner, a photographer, was able to showcase photos of American’s large corporate animal feed lots in the Midwest at

I personally saw this as truth in 2008 when Sandy Stein and I drove cross country through Kansas. We were both horrified by what we witnessed in the corporate animal folding pens. The cattle looked out at us as they stood in their own mire.

I never got over it and avowed to publicize photos or other sources that document the inhumane treatment of animals, pollinators and native plants. I believe that Happy Tonics makes us look at the living Earth and how we are losing it one species at a time.

Our hearts and Mission are dedicated to Sanctuary for the Monarch Butterfly. I can tell you right now Happy Tonics did not receive any notice of monarchs reported in the Midwest in 2013. As a matter of fact, there are almost no pollinators in the Midwest because corporate farms kill everything, including both bad and good insects. Milkweed is practically nonexistent in the Midwest now. Corporate farms often plant GMO poisonous corn laden with Bt gene that makes every cell of the corn plant toxic. The corn is sold as bio-fuel and as feed for cattle. Then Americans buy the beef.

Our nonprofit has held Native American Honoring Ceremonies at the Monarch Butterfly Habitat throughout the years, praying for pollinators, native plants, and all animal species who make up the Web of Life.


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