Posted by: cindydyer | November 29, 2012

New Garden Shed for Monarch Butterfly Habitat!

The Monarch Butterfly Habitat in Shell Lake, WI, is the proud home to a new garden shed. Happy Tonics’ volunteers have been carrying tools and equipment back and forth to the habitat for the last five years.

Some volunteers traveling over 70 miles round trip to help maintain the habitat. Now volunteers can leave their tools in the shed.

A grant from Wisconsin Environmental Education Board, with a generous materials donation by Lamperts Lumber, made the garden shed project possible.

Carpentry skills used in Mr. Forsythe’s tech class turned a classroom into a community building project. Students took great pride in creating the garden shed. There was no blueprint for the project. The students learned quickly how to follow directions in order to build the shed.

City maintenance department delivered the shed to the habitat. Jeff Parker, Director Public Works, has been an outstanding partner to Happy Tonics over the years. This kind act shows one more example of a community working together to bring about solidarity for nature and pollinators.

Below: K-12 Shell Lake School Tech Education Class team from Mr. Forsythe’s class, Daniel and Jeffrey Shutrop, Brandon Skille, Ryan Melton, Isaac Otterson, Brendon Melton and Michael Monson © Larry Sampson, Washburn County Register



  1. Thank you Cindy. Well done.

  2. How wonderful, congratulations of the good team work!

  3. Hi Shelly,

    Its been awhile since I have been to this site. Cindy Dyer created for Happy Tonics. I will pay closer attention as we move forward.

    Generosity of people is everything.

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