Posted by: cindydyer | April 27, 2010

Bless the Earth and all within…

On April 24, we held the III Annual Earth Day Event in Shell Lake at the Native Wildflower and Butterfly Garden. This year it did not snow like it did in 2008, but it rained. Heaven smiled upon us in sending the rains in the seventh year of drought.

We all took a pinch of tobacco and offered our good thoughts along with tobacco to the Ojibwe birch bark basket. Then Dr. John Anderson offered prayers to the Creator in thanksgiving for the rain and we dedicated our ceremony “to honor the bees.”

John taught the audience that man once honored all the four-legged, finned and winged relatives. Somehow we have become disconnected. He gave an example of how the dog dances when he sees you return safely home. With loving smiles, everyone looked at the dog he was speaking about. The four-legged one just listened intently to John speaking.

Paul Schaefer spoke about beekeeping. He and his wife Beverly are beekeepers in Shell Lake, Wisconsin, USA. The pure and organic honey that they produce is absolutely delicious. There is an urgent need for younger generation to get involved in beekeeping. Without bees, we will have no food. Native bees are also in decline, including four species of the beloved bumble bee. The Xerces Society is a good start to learn about native bees and beekeeping.

Ginger Wilcox gave a message as she held the sacred Eagle Feather. We need to protect and honor the pollinators. The Earth will survive without human beings. Mother Earth knows how to protect herself. We must reconnect to Mother Earth and respect her so that human beings can survive too. We need to protect the butterflies, bees and native plants and stop destroying the natural world or there will be no natural resources for future generations.

The Wednesday Sit and Stitch Quilt Group made this handmade butterfly quilt as a Fundraiser for Happy Tonics. It took the senior ladies a year to complete the project and the quilt was on display for the Earth Day attendees to view. It will be auctioned off online or through a raffle later this summer. First the quilt is being entered into the 100th Anniversary Fair in Spooner, Wisconsin, this summer. We surely hope this beautiful quilt wins a ribbon.

The last message of the day is that we must all do our part to protect Mother Earth for the next seven generations. Let us plant host and nectar plants for the pollinators so that Baby Eden will have a natural world when she grows up.

Miigwetch (Thank you)!

Photo captions
1) Dr. John Anderson with Thunderbolt Drum for the rain
2) Lori Taguma and John Anderson Eagle Feather Dance

3) Ginger Wilcox gives sacred tobacco out
4) Once a wild wolf, now man’s friend
Ginger Wilcox holds Eagle Feather to give message
6) Paul Schaefer beekeeper and Mary Ellen Ryall with bee frame
7) Handmade Butterfly Quilt for Happy Tonics Fundraiser
8) Baby Eden

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