Posted by: cindydyer | March 18, 2010

Killer Winter Storm Hits Towns Near Mexican Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

I spoke with Sue Sill, Executive Director, La Cruz Habitat Protection Project (LCHPP) via email on 12 March 2010. She is in Mexico now where the damage of floods and mudslides destroyed Angangueo and El Rosario, towns near the Mexican Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. The killer storms began on 31 January and continued through 4 February. We do not know the status of the monarch butterflies yet and what the survival rate is. There is no way in or out of the Sanctuary at the present time. According to Monarch Watch, we will need to wait and see. Photo, above: A lonely dog stands next to a washed out road. © Sue Sill, LCHPP

You can make donations directly to: LCHPP, 404 Victoria Ave., McAllen, TX 78503. We are also raising funds for LCHPP on Happy Tonics Facebook Blog.

Read the news on CNN’s website at

October Hill Foundation in Connecticut donated $5,000 in seed money to initiate the monarch area assistance fund.

Won’t you please help by donating to help LCHPP? Thank you.

What would life be without the monarch butterfly? The monarch is a butterfly of transformation. Is she teaching us that clear cutting leaves the mountains vulnerable? No tree roots to hold the soil can bring soil erosion through heavy rains which in turn can bring floods and mudslides.

The monarch needs the Oyamel fir forest to survive in Mexico. Stop clear cutting to save the Mexican Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. Mexico is the home country of the monarch butterfly. Reforestation will begin in the spring with funds raised for LCHPP. Photo, above: A house destroyed by a mudslide. © Sue Sill, LCHPP

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