Posted by: cindydyer | January 25, 2010

Brighter Planet Selects Happy Tonics Grant Proposal for February Voting

The week of 18 January 2010, Matt Vaughan, of Brighter Planet, in Middlebury, Vermont, called to let Happy Tonics know that our grant proposal for Climate Change Native Habitat and Community Garden in Shell Lake, Wisconsin, was selected as a project for funding via the social media nonprofit organization. We are honored that our project is being sponsored.

We need your votes in order to win a grant of $999. Register at Brighter Planet to votes on Climate Change Native Habitat and Community Garden Shell Lake grant proposal between February 1 – 15. There are not that many days before the voting begins. Please get ready now. We will remind you again starting next week. Right: Habitat sign artwork by Elaine DeAnn Brevitz Brown

Conservation begins with action. Thank you for playing a part in helping species besides ourselves survive in a world that is changing because of climate change.

Happy Tonics, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) environmental education organization and public charity in Shell lake, Wisconsin. We ask that you tell all your friends to vote for us too!

United we can do anything from the grassroots movement upward. Let’s make this world sustainable from the earth up in the midst of climate change. Future generations of people, plants, animals and pollinating insects will thank us. Yes, even the bees buzz their affection. Left: Bumblebee on Blazing Star Liatris © Cindy Dyer

Thank you for your help.

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