Posted by: cindydyer | January 17, 2010

Xeriscape Landscaping and Water Conservation

Happy Tonics is honored to announce that Xeriscape Council of New Mexico, USA, has invited us to exhibit at the Xeriscape Landscaping and Water Conservation Expo on 27-28 of February as their guest. Officers plan to attend the conference on 25-26. Learn more at

Scott Varner, Executive Director of Xeriscape Council of New Mexico was published in USA Today at

Read all about the wonderful world of plant survival using less water. The world is facing climate change. Pollinators need our help. Insects are dependent upon reliable native plant species and crops are dependent upon pollinators. Happy Tonics promotes native crops.

Walk on the wild side and learn from nature. She is our best teacher.

Below: Native sunflowers growing in Damian Vraniak’s native prairie, Springbook, WI, USA


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