Posted by: cindydyer | October 14, 2009

From Commodity to Community: Food Politics and Projects in the Heartland

Dedicated to Food Safety Issues by Mary Ellen Ryall

I just returned from the conference in Des Moines, Iowa. There were 600 attendees from all over the USA. The focus was on community-based food systems. Is a local-driven food system just a niche? Can our efforts as local environmental educators, growers and small farmers re-shape a large scale industrial food system? The speakers addressed some of the roadblocks.

Hal Hamilton, Sustainable Food Lab, provided the audience with research into some of the looming questions about Food Safety and Sustainability. Hal asked, “Can we shift the food system to agriculture that supports the earth?” Visit to learn more.

Ken Meter, Crossroads Resource Center said, “We lose 5,000 people a year because of food poisoning.” If people knew that organic crops and grass fed animals were safer to eat, perhaps a shift in the food supply would start to awaken an interest in those who control the food supply. Visit to learn more.


  1. Thank you so much—love the newsletter. Very interesting and informative!

  2. Hi Mary, So pleased that you had the opportunity to read the newsletter and view the photographs. Thanks for the feedback. We are happy to have the newsletter up on our blogs now so that we can communicate with our audience. Best wishes to another nature lover.

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