Posted by: cindydyer | July 26, 2009

Monarch Butterfly Mexican Habitat Discoverer

In the July/August 2009 issue of Audubon magazine, there is an up-to-date article on the plight of the monarch butterfly. Take a few moments to read the article at

The article points out that the monarch butterfly needs a floral corridor from Canada, USA and Mexico. The article reveals that the discoverer of the Mexican Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary was Kenneth Blugger who worked with Dr. Fred Urguhart. I wrote a manuscript in 2007 that states this fact also. The monarch butterfly needs the host plant—milkweed—and other nectaring sources.

Won’t you help the monarch butterfly and plant milkweed? You can purchase wildcrafted milkweed from Happy Tonics, Inc., a nonprofit public charity. Please visit our website at

We have an online store and only charge a minimal amount for the seed in order to promote Sanctuary for the Monarch Butterfly.

Read our newsletter Butterflies and Gardens online at our website to learn more.

Thank you.

Mary Ellen Ryall,  Executive Director, Happy Tonics, Inc.


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