Posted by: cindydyer | July 18, 2009

Honey, Herbs and Spices

By Mary Ellen Ryall, Executive Director, Happy Tonics, Inc.

Recently there was an article in the newspaper about the benefits of honey and cinnamon. Joga Simh and his wife, Dr. Simi Singh addressed the health benefits of this liquid nectar. According to Dr. Singh, you can add cinnamon power to honey and make a paste. I did so and added it to a warm glass of water. It was absolutely delicious. I also enjoyed a spoonful of the paste on its own merit. It is that tasty.

It is true that honey is antibacterial, antifungal and anti-influenza. This past summer I developed a respiratory problem due to pollen allergies, cold and sinus infection. As a remedy, I took a teaspoon of honey each day and slowly but surely I am recovering. Joga Simh mentioned that he lost weight by combining half a lemon, honey and water to his daily diet. The body generally needs an average of 21 days before results can be seen. Dr. Singh stated that the paste may also help people with cholesterol problems, shortness of breath and the paste can strengthen the heartbeat. It is worthy of doing future research on the benefits of honey and  cinnamon as a natural cure.

Happy Tonics has been following the benefits of honey for several years. We have offered classes in the importance of beekeeping and the health benefits of honey. Elder local beekeepers have offered to teach the younger generation about the art of beekeeping. Some elders want to retire and are concerned that the younger generation is not interested in becoming beekeepers. How will we have bee enriched nutrition in the future if beekeepers along with bees are in demise? The honeybees are in trouble with the looming colony collapse disorder. We are fortunate to have our very own Shell Lake beekeepers. The Happy Tonics gift store in Shell Lake, Wisconsin, sells Schaefer Aviaries Honey. Paul Schaefer told me, “The honey is so pure that you can see some of the pollen in the honey.” Some doctors have recommended our local raw honey to patients who suffer from allergies. By taking raw local honey a person can build up immunity to the very pollen that causes allergies. The honey we carry is gathered from red clover. It is rich in vitamin B and is delicious.

We also carry MEHAHT teas, herbs and spices in the gift store. Fresh cinnamon powder is now available. We sell dill seed, black and 4 color whole peppercorns, whole cloves and nutmeg powder. Remember the medicine is in the food. Visit us at

Happy Tonics mission is to promote sanctuary for the monarch butterfly and food safety issues.

Source: Dryden, D.  (24 June 2009). Hi ya, honey. Washburn County Register, p. 12 .


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